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Square Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Square Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Gutter roll forming machine / Square Type Downpipe Forming Machine / Downspout steel square tube making machine


C and Z Changeable purlin line includes hydraulic expansion decoiler, leveling equipment, roll forming system, punching equipment, cutting equipment, hydraulic station, electric controlling system and supporter for purlin. It can produce both C and Z purlins by changing the direction of rollers. And it can produce various of purlin sizes by moving the rollers automatically.


Decoiling→sheet feeding→cold rolling→punching and cutting

Main Parts of the C and Z Changeable Purlin Line

Decoiler, guiding system, leveling system, roll forming system, cutting system, electric controlling system, hydraulic system, supporter

Package and Transportation

The main machine is barely loaded in the container and the spare parts are put in the wooden box.


No. Item Para Remark
1 Suitable Material Type Galvanization Steel Sheet
Thickness (mm) 1.6 to 3.2
Yield Strength (Mpa) 230 to 300
(mm) ≤1250
Capacity of Decoiler 5T/8T/10T According to Customer
2 Material of rollers Bearing Steel with Quench Treatment
3 Line Speed (m/min) 10 Excluding Punching and Cutting
4 Electric Control System PLC Brand: Mitsubishi or Siemens
5 Operation Desk Touch Screen + Button


Roll Forming Machine

No Name Quantity Remarks
1 Decoiler 1set Up to Customer
2 Main Machine Feeding Device 1set
Leveling System 1set
Punching System 1set Up to Customer
Roll Forming System 1set
Post Cutting system 1set Including groups of cutting blades
Hydraulic System 1set
3 Electric Control System 1set
4 Supporter/Automatic Stacker 1set Up to Customer
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