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  • High End Cut-To-Length Line

    High End Cut-To-Length Line

     High End Cut-To-Length Line is used to cut flat rectangular blanks from the main coil. Provide a maximum width of 1250mm, a maximum thickness of 2.0mm and a speed of 20m/min.   High End...

  • Economical Cut-To-Length Line

    Economical Cut-To-Length Line

    Product Introduction Economical Cut-To-Length Line is suitable for printing, packaging and decoration, plastics and other industries. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, e...

  • Flattening Straightening Cutting Machine

    Flattening Straightening Cutting Machine

    Features: Mills Available in Single Stand, Two-Stand and Three-Stand Tandem. More Stands Can Also Be Added In Conjunction Turk Heads, Draw Blocks Etc. Custom Designed Tandem Line Can ...