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  • High End Slitting Line

    High End Slitting Line

    Product Introduction This High End Slitting Line is suitable for printing, packaging and decoration, plastics and other industries. It has the advantages of compact structure, excellent manufact...

  • Economical Slitting Line

    Economical Slitting Line

    Product Introduction、 Economical slitting line is mainly used for slitting of coils such as tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold-rolled steel strip, stainless steel strip, alumi...

  • High-speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine

    High-speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine

    Description: The slitting machine is also called vertical slitting line which are used to slit cold rolled steel coil,hot rolled steel coil,galvanized steel coil,silicone steel coil,stainles...

  • Decoiler Leveler And Slitting Machine

    Decoiler Leveler And Slitting Machine

    1. Main technical data of the line using material: Raw material kind: cold rolled steel, galvanized steel coil, PPGI Raw material sheet width: 800~1500mm Raw material sheet thickness: 1~3m...