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High End Slitting Line

High End Slitting Line

This High End Slitting Line is suitable for printing, packaging and decoration, plastics and other industries.


Product Introduction

This High End Slitting Line is suitable for printing, packaging and decoration, plastics and other industries. It has the advantages of compact structure, excellent manufacture, large compression force, high precision, easy to use, safe and reliable operation and so on. In addition, our High End Slitting Line is also durable, can give a long service life with stable working performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us!



Line Supply List:

No. Machine List Quantity Remarks
1 Raw material storage table 1 set No power mode
2 Decoiler car 1 set Auto mode
3 Decoiler 1 set Auto mode
4 Decoielr assistant supporter 1 set Hydraulic power mode
5 Feeding guide device 1 set Motor power
6 Moving loop 1 set Hydraulic power mode
7 Guider 1 set Manual mode
8 Slitter 1 set Motor power
9 Loop and end material press device 1 set Pneumatic power mode
10 Waste piece recoiler 1 set Motor power
11 Moving loop 1 set Hydraulic power mode
12 Final piece pre-setting device 1 set No power
13 Tension device 1 set No power
14 Pinch rolls 1 set pneumatic power mode
15 Pre-setting press arm 1 set Hydraulic power mode
16 Recoiler 1 set Auto mode
17 Recoiler assistant supporter 1 set Hydraulic power mode
18 Recoiler car 1 set Auto mode
19 Hydraulic system 1 set
20 Electrical control system 1 set PLC+HMI mode


Supply Scope Exclusion:

The supply scope does not include the following items: The connections from the power source, water source, air source, and hydraulic station to each machine. Tools and instruments needed for site installation and commissioning. Consumables like lubricant oil, hydraulic oil and etc.

B: Technical Description:


Machine Usage:

This line is used to slit complete steel coil and make big width steel coil to be slit as few small width piece, all width can be done according with original requirements.

Main components of slitting line:


Technique Data:

Suitable material hot rolled steel coil
Mechanical character σb≤450Mpa σS≤300Mpa
Material thickness  3.0~4.0mm
Material width 400~1220mm
Steel coil ID φ508/φ610mm
Steel coil OD ≤φ1800mm
Single steel coil weight ≤15T

Slitting piece technique data:


Max slitting number  according with buyer actual requirement
Mini slitting width 55mm
Slitting width tolerance ±0.15 mm
Recoiler weight 15 T
Slitting speed 15~60m/min

The other technique data:


Power source 380V/60Hz/3Phase
Raw material width tolerance ≤300mm ±0.1mm
Raw material burr ≤5% raw material thickness
Compresses air P=0.5~0.7Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure 10Mpa
Air source flux 1000L/min
Suitable working environment temperature  0~40ºC
relative humidity ≤80%
Total power ≈160kw
Line dimension ≈21×10m (L×W)
Line working direction From left to right


Main Components

Steel coil loading table:

This table is used to store steel coil and it is convenient to load steel coil on coil car. Buyer needs to find a suitable area for this loading table. The table outer form is “V” style, max loading capacity is 15000kg.

Suitable steel coil outer diameter: 800~1800mm. Suitable steel coil width: 400~1220mm

Coil car:

Coil car is used to load steel coil and make steel coil load on decoiler shaft.

Max loading capacity: 15 tons. Lift height: 750mm. Horizontal moving speed: 6m/min. Lift power hydraulic cylinder diameter: ¢180×75mm. Move speed: 6m/min

Hydraulic power drives hydraulic cylinder to push coil car support table, and make it lift up and down. The support table is “V” style, the surface is covered nylon plate. Main aim is to protect the steel coil surface quantity. Motor and decelerator drives coil car move on rail, it is convenient to load steel coil on decoiler shaft. Coil car support table surface matches with rubber plate, in order to keep steel coil fixing well on it.


The decoiler is automatic model, motor power drives decoiler shaft open steel coil and hydraulic power expands steel coil inner surface, in order to make steel coil fix well on decoiler shaft. Decoiler is single head model, it has assistant support device, it will protect decoiler shaft to load well steel coil on working condition.

Max capacity of decoiler 15 tons
Decoiler shaft expanding range 50mm
Suitable steel coil width 1220mm
Suitable steel coil outer diameter 800~1800mm
Main motor power 11kw

Decoiler also includes one press arm, when decoiler is on working condition, press arm will push down and press well steel coil surface, it will protect operator and do make operator to be hurt by steel coil.

Decoiler and coil car outer form reference picture:

Slitter blade shaft diameter  200mm
Slitter blade outer diameter 320mm
Slitter blade thickness 10mm
Slitter blade spacer sleeve dimension ¢200×¢250×0.95~100mm (spacer sleeve thickness)
Slitter blade material SKD11 (HRC58~62)
Slitter shaft material 40Cr (HRC45~50)

Slitting machine outer form reference picture:

Note: the slitter blade and necessary spacer sleeves are included in quotation price.

Slitter outer form reference picture: