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Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

​This Door Frame Roll Forming Machine not only has high production efficiency and material saving, but also has high product strength and stable quality.


Product Introduction

This Door Frame Roll Forming Machine not only has high production efficiency and material saving, but also has high product strength and stable quality. It is convenient and easy to replace multiple molds. The equipament minimizes the internal stress when cutting the plate and avoids tin cracking. Moulds of various shapes are available upon request. Our Door Frame Roll Forming Machine has the advantages of good performance, strong adaptability, easy maintenance, small size and light weight. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us!


Technical Parameters

NO Item Parameters Remark
1 Suitable material Type Galvanized sheet
Thickness (mm) 0.8-1.2mm
Grade 235Mpa
Coil Width (mm) 247mm
2 Producing Speed (m/min) Variable 18-25 m/min Including cutting & punching time
3 Roll former Main Motor Power (KW) 11Kw
4 Hydraulic station power for punching and cutting (KW) 22Kw
5 Leveling motor power (KW) 3kw
6 Decoiler hydraulic power (KW) 2Kw
7 Servo feeding motor power (KW) 2.2 kw
8 Servo flying shear motor power 2.2 kw
9 Hydraulic cutting power (KW) 11kw
10 Total power 53kw 380V 50HZ 3phase Power source according to client’s final confirmation


Equipment List

Name Model/Name Quantity
1 5 Ton Hydraulic dual head Un-coiler 1 set
2. Leveling device 1 set
3 Loop unit 2 sets
4 Feeder 1 set
5 Punching equipment 1 set
6 Straitening 1 set
7 Roll Forming equipment 1 set
8 Straighter 1 set
9 Post-cutting device 1 set
10 Rack 1 set
11 Hydraulic system 2 sets
12 Electrical system 1 set


Working Process

De-coiling → Leveling → Guiding system → Puncher → Straitening → Roll forming → Straighter → Cut to length → Run out Table

Profile Drawing

According with different client requirements. We can make customized mode roll forming line.


Machine Layout


Description of All Components:

A) 5 Ton Dual-Head Hydraulic Decoiler

1. Function and components

Structure Decoiler type Expanding type Press Arm Coil car Hydraulic system Electric control system
Dual head type Motor/passive Hydraulic No No Shared Shared

2. Parameters

Max loading capacity 5- Ton Suitable coil ID φ508mm. Suitable material width (max.) 300mm. Suitable coil OD (max.) ≤Ø2000mm

3. Main structure type and features

Un-coiler frame with a heavy duty tube and 16Mn heavy duty plate welding structure with shot blasting treatment. By using hydraulic power to realize the function of expanding or decrease the inner diameter of de-coiler, and finally realizing the function of tightening the coil. Hydraulic Motor drives the de-coiler mandrel for rotating, and realize the active decoiler function.

Put the steel coil to the middle part of the mandrel by lifting machine; let the hydraulic cylinder to tighten the coil. While the machine is started, the hydraulic motor will drive the mandrel at first, then the steel sheet will be released, take the sheet to the leveling rolls and it will move automatically while the rollers run. The entire steel coil will tighten the sheet by its braking resistance

F) High-Speed Punching Equipment

Punching station was used to complete six different hole punching. Punching die uses modular structure, adjustable width, the punch may need to select a different mold. Easy to adjust; move fast, and easy maintenance. The hydraulic system developed specifically for the punching machine, the hydraulic station consists of pump, accumulator and other control methods, use special hydraulic control module, with a blanking speed, low noise characteristics, and high-power air-cooled chiller to meet the needs of continuous production. Punching dies: adjustable dies, long service life, replacement and easy maintenance.

5) Punch capacity

Mitre punch1 AB 47 T
Miture punch2 BA 47 T
Punch 3 “LOCK SLOT” 15T
Punch 4 “HINGE SLOT” 12T
Punch 5 “SPREADER SLOTS 15*3” 2T
Material Cr12MoV, hardness HRC58-62

Please note: the requested spreader slots is only 15*1 and 20*1, it will cause fracture of punching die, so we suggest to make 15*3

We need to change the spreader slots to all same dimension of 15×3 to save one set of punching die, and to ensure the durability of punching die.

The punching speed is 70 times/min

Roll shaft use 40Cr steel, the stands using column type. Column stand is specially made by forged steel not fabricated, to assure good accuracy. Driven by reducer motor, and chains, part of rolls is driven by gears. Able change the gap between two rolls to accommodate different thickness material. The tolerance of final product will change according to the thickness and yield strength of raw material.




Our service:

Our engineering team can design special machine for you to overcome the difficulties. Most of products are in stock. Because the clustering of supply chain and our high production efficiency, even the special request item have better lead time than any other place. Our product have higher quality not only because we have better production management, but also we insist to use high quality material and we don’t steal from it.