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Economical Cut-To-Length Line

Economical Cut-To-Length Line

Economical Cut-To-Length Line is suitable for printing, packaging and decoration, plastics and other industries.


Product Introduction

Economical Cut-To-Length Line is suitable for printing, packaging and decoration, plastics and other industries. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, excellent manufacture, large compression force, high precision, easy to use, safe and reliable operation and so on. Our Economical Cut-To-Length Line is also durable, can give a long service life with stable working performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us!


  1. Main technical parameters

Raw material: CR steel/HR steel/Pre-painted steel sheet/Galvanized steel sheet

Material thickness: 0.2~1.0mm

Material width: 1200mm

Suitable coil outer diameter: Ф1250mm

Suitable coil inner diameter: Ф508mm

Max weight of single coil: 5000Kg

Line working speed: ≈10m/min

Cut length piece tolerance: ±1mm

Total power of complete line: ≈7.5Kw

  1. Main components of line:

Manual decoiler

Feeding guide device

Feeding rolls

Leveler part

Hydraulic cutter

Hydraulic system

Electrical system

Final sheet output table

Others spare parts:

  1. Some seal ring
  2. Some bearing
  3. Electric buttons


Coil Width ≤1200mm
Suitable Coil Thickness 0.5~1.0mm
Suitable Raw Materials cold rolled steel sheet/ Galvanized steel sheet (yield strength: max 355Mpa)
Suitable steel coil inner diameter ¢508mm
Suitable steel coil outer diameter ≤¢1300mm
Suitable steel coil max weight 5 Tons
The steel sheet concave convex range ≤10% steel coil thickness


Line working speed 20~25m/min
Each piece sheet cut length tolerance ±1.0mm
Roll forming line power source 415V/50Hz/3 Phase
Suitable air source pressure 0.4~0.7Mpa
Complete line power 33Kw



Decoiler-feeding device-leveler-cutter (all machine parts are installed on same base frame)



No. Part name Quantity Note
1 Hydraulic decoiler 1 set 5 tons loading capacity
2 Leveler machine 1 set 11 rolls model
3 Cutter machine 1 set Hydraulic cutter
4 Hydraulic system 2 sets Separated for decoiler and cutter
5 Electrical control system 1 set PLC control
6 Spare parts 1 set For one-year warranty time



Economical Cut-To-Length Line supplies the power for the hydraulic decoiler and cutter part. Totally line has 2 sets hydraulic station. One station is used for decoiler part, and the other one is used for cutter.

Hydraulic system mainly includes oil tank, oil pump, filter, accumulator, hydraulic electromagnetic valve, press meter and motor, etc.

In order to make system work well and keep stable working condition, system will include fan cooling system. The fan cooling system will make hydraulic oil keep on suitable temperature.

Hydraulic motor power for decoiler: 3Kw. Hydraulic motor power for cutter: 15Kw

System outer form reference picture

(5) PLC Control System:

This system uses Mitsubishi PLC to control all working actions. Production quantity and each piece length will be automatically measured; human and machine interface, touch screen can be used to input and cancel the working data. It is convenient to control the complete line.

The control panel has English operation interface.

Main electric accessory show:

PLC: MITSUBISHI (Japanese products)

DC controller: EUROTHERM (British products)

Transducer: Delta (China Taiwan products)

Encoder: OMRON (Japanese products)

Contactor: Schneider (French products)

Air switch: Schneider (French products)

Control cabinet outer form reference picture

(6) Spare Parts:

No. Part name Quantity Note
1 Hydraulic seal ring 5 pieces
2 Photoelectric and inductive switches 1 unit SICK or TRUCK brand products
3 pneumatic joint 2 units China Taiwan or South Korea products
4 Hydraulic electromagnetic valve 1 unit Italian ATOS products


Note: when the machine is finished, seller only uses small quantity coil or sheet to make running test by themselves; if buyer wants to use big quantity coil to make test running, the steel coil cost will be paid by buyer.