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Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Sheet Roll Forming Machine

This Sheet Roll Forming Machine features compact structure, strong rigidity and safe operation.



Descriptions of Roll Forming Machine for Roof Panel, Wall Panel:

1.This kind of cold roll forming machine is widely used for making various metal wall panels and roof panels for steel constructions, steel structure projects and containment systems etc.

2. This production line consists of feeding unit, uncoiler, feeding guide, roll forming machine, cutter, automatic stacker, hydraulic system and electric control system.

3. The line speed of this panel forming machine is 40m/min.

Product Introduction

This Sheet Roll Forming Machine features compact structure, strong rigidity and safe operation. It is convenient and easy to replace multiple molds. The equipment minimizes the internal stress when cutting the plate and avoids tin cracking. Moulds of various shapes are available upon request. Our Sheet Roll Forming Machine has the advantages of good performance, strong adaptability, easy maintenance, small size and light weight. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us!


Sheet Raw Material Parameters: