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Roof Sheet Machinery

Roof Sheet Machinery

(1) Raw material coil sheet Width: exact coil width is confirmed according with final test data
(2) Raw material coil sheet thickness: 0.4~0.8mm
(3) Raw material kind: CR steel, PPGI, PPGL/ GI/ AL



Machine name: Roof sheet machinery

Roof sheet profile drawing: According with final client requirement

Main Working Data

(1) Actual working speed: 10~15m/min (common mode)

15~25m/min (fast speed mode)

25~35m/min (high speed mode)

(2) Each piece final products length tolerance: ±2.0mm (common control system)

±1.5mm (advanced control system)

±1.0mm (precise control system)

(3) Roll forming line power source: 380V/50Hz/3 Phase

Working Process:

Decoiler → feeding guide device → roll former → cutter → final products output rack

Simple line lay-out drawing (just like reference):

Main Components:

(1) Decoiler–1 set (decoiler capacity is 5~10 tons)

(7) Final product output rack — 1set (normally the length is 4~6 meters)

(8) Spare part — 1 set (for one-year warranty time)


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3. Assist in machine installation , personnel training and trial production .
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