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Rockwool Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Line

Rockwool Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Line

The power transmission is done through gears. The equipment is equipped with a series of rollers for forming the panel profile sheet. The roll forming roller is finish machining, heat treatment and chroming.



1.Manual decoiler

2.Rib device for up layer roll former

3.Rib device for down layer roll former

4.Up layer roll former

5.Down layer roll formers

6.Down layer roll former moving device

7.Rockwool feeding and transportation device

8.Rockweel gluign device

9.PU foaming devcie

10.Saw cutter

11.Final product output rack (no power mode)

forming part-2 Guleing device

2.Roll forming line equipment technical parameter:

Roll forming part:

Raw material coil kind PPGI (color steel coil)
Coil thickness 0.4~0.6mm
Coil weight Max 5T
Coil width Max 1250mm
Coil inner diameter ø508mm
Coil outer diameter Max ø1100mm
Max working speed 8m/min
Air pressure Max 4~9kg/cm2
Power standard 380V x 50Hz
Operation height Up from the ground 1200mm
  1. Sandwich panel profile drawing reference show: