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Keel Hat Forming Machine

Keel Hat Forming Machine

This small light steel keel roll forming machine is used for producing light steel keel, we design 10 stations roll forming. Light steel keel is popular used in construction area for ceiling decoraation support and steel construction for wall or roof, such as hotel, train station, factory and office building, it is light but strong, easy for installation. This light keel machine matched with safety cover upon the roll forming section, it is moveable type, we designed special running rail for the safety cover, it is convenient for maintenance if neccessary. At the beginning end of keel manufacturing machine, there is hand wheel for adjusting feeding width, it is combined with sprocket chain, so operator only rotates hand wheel to adjust is fine.


Manual un-coiler

Feeding width: max. 300mm;

Capacity: Max. 3ton

Keel Hat Forming Machine

Cold Rolling Mills

Gear/Sprocket driving, 15-step to form

Rollers manufactured from 45# steel, CNC lathes, Heat Treatment, hard Chrome Coated.

Shaft Diameter=Φ65mm, Precision Machined

Forming speed approx. 10-12m/min

Hydraulic Cutting device

Hydraulic Motor=5.5KW

Stop to Cutting, Post Cut, with slug cutting

Hydraulic motor: 3Kw

Oil pressure: 8-12MPa

Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment

Forming Machine

PLC Control System

Control the quantity & cutting length automatically

Combined with: PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, etc

Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm

Control Voltage 24V

Product rack Un-powered, two units

Hat Forming Machine