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Shelf Pillar Roll Forming Line

Shelf Pillar Roll Forming Line

Shelf pillar roll forming line adopts industrial control PLC and man-machine operation interface to realize production automation; by inputting product length, hole distance, quantity and other parameters, it can complete punching, forming, cutting and other processes at one time during production; continuous production without stopping to ensure products Stable quality and accurate size.


The shelf column plays a supporting role in the storage shelf. As the height of the shelf increases and the number of layers increases, the column is heavily loaded, and most of them use cold-formed punching thin-walled steel, which has certain processing stress remaining and actual stress. The situation is also more complicated, so the design and selection of the column has become the key to the entire shelf system, which is directly related to the safety of the structure and the economy of use.

Shelf pillar roll forming line adopts industrial control PLC and man-machine operation interface to realize production automation; by inputting product length, hole distance, quantity and other parameters, it can complete punching, forming, cutting and other processes at one time during production; continuous production without stopping to ensure products Stable quality and accurate size.

Shelf pillar roll forming line is mainly composed of uncoiler, power leveler, CN servo feeding mechanism + punching mechanism, roll forming machine, electronic control system, hydraulic system, mechanical tracking and shearing mechanism and other components.

Complete Line Reference Of Shelf Pillar Roll Forming Line


Product Profiles:

According with final client requirement.

1. The Main Technical Parameters:

1.1 Applicable Material

Cold-formed pieces of raw material: cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel

Strip thickness: 1.2~1.5mm

Width accuracy:-0.2mm

Coil ID: Ф508 ± 10 mm

Coil OD: ≤ Ф1200mm

Coil weight: ≤ 5000 kg

1.2 Technical Parameters:

Length Length: 12000 mm

Unit running speed: ~ 8m/min

Power supply: 380V ± 10%; 50Hz; 3Phases

1.3 Production Line Process

Uncoiling leveling → Feeding → Material loop → Feeding → punching → straightener & roll forming → cutter → Final sheet output rack

Shelf Pillar Roll Forming Line

Shelf Pillar Roll Forming Line

2. Device Configuration and Structure Description

image006.jpg2. 1 Decoiler With Coil Car

Features and components:

Support and release the coil.

Cantilever mechanism, pressing device, hydraulic tensioner with brakes, when working properly, the passive rotation. Welded structures.


Load weight ≤ 5000kg

Mandrel inside diameter Φ508mm benchmark

The maximum allowable Coil OD: Ф1,200 mm

Motor power: ~2.2KW

image007.jpg2.2 Leveller

Functional structure:

The head coil is released, introducing leveller, levelling the sheet.

Powered pinch roller and levelling roller, pinch roller free lift, easy to adjust levelling levelling gap and inclination. 5 roller levelling, screw adjustment, frequency control.


Feed width: 350mm

Maximum line speed: 15 m/min

Motor power: ~ 7.5KW

image009.jpg2.3 The Servo Feed Device

Using servo roll-fed, the device consists of a servo motor, a pair of feed rollers, gear, guide corrective devices and measuring positioning systems and CNC systems. Servo motors, measurement devices, CNC system imported components.


Motor power: ~ 4 kw

Each feeding within tolerance 0.1mm/150mm

2. 4 Press Machine

Function: to complete the punching process. High performance mechanical presses using 80T

Structural features are as follows:

Fuselage overall steel plate welded structure, with high rigidity and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.

Slider is a casting box structure, the slide collapsed overload protection device installed to protect sensitive and reliable, the slider overload, fuse collapsed destroyed, and send a signal, slide stop running, thereby protecting the and mold machine from damage.

Control part of the programmable controller (PLC) for centralized control, effectively ensure the reliability of the electronic control part.

Optional device to protect the personal safety of the operator.

2.5 Loop Device (Two Units)

Functions: matching uncoiling levelling, feeding speed punching, bending rolls between.

Composition: curved roller feeding device and care, hard chrome plated rollers. On live kit configuration, the lower limit is of the photoelectric switch group.

2.6 The Roll Forming Machine

Functional structure:

Using an independent frame (steel / ductile iron), the base welded structure, stress treatment after the entrance to conducting device; excellent carbon steel rollers; belt alignment to ensure precision parts. Mill with easy to adjust, easy to operate.

Host Transmission mode: the main motor gear reducer → → → sprocket chain under the arch roll axis.

Through the roller adjustment screw pitch, a trapezoidal thread screw thread. The lower shaft is fixed. Simply turning a nut on the shaft adjustment.

Shaft drive gear to the next, up and down the shaft synchronous gear (necessary to pass adoption).

Arch outside nut to L ( lower axis ) and right ( on axis ), with

Supplied with two cassettes

Arch material QT470.

Shaft is made of 40Cr. Roller is made of Cr12



Roller shaft Diameters: φ80mm

Electric Machine: ~ 45KW

Line speed: ~ 15m/min

Main roll former transmission part reference picture show:


If the profile kind is more, main roll former can use “fast change cassette” mode.

Main roll former fast change cassette changing structure reference show:


2.7 Cutter (Saw Cut Mode)

Function and structure :

l cut off to length the formed parts.

Hydraulic drive, single blade shear modulus, designed specifically for the profile cutter. Servo hydraulic shears, with CNC, photoelectric switches sender to ensure that the cut flush, small glitches. There scrap shear.

Shearing machine installed in a separate seat, no downtime shear.


Length Range: 12000 mm

Length accuracy: ± 1.5 mm / 6000 mm

Supplied with 3 set of shearing dies.

2.8 Supporting Table

It consists of a feed roller and welding steel racks, two rack segment combinations.

Care feeding length: ≤ 12000mm

2.9 The Hydraulic System

Drive for cutting machine, uncoiler, hydraulic actuator

Entire line of hydraulic system components should be used primarily to control domestic brand- cylinder high-quality brand-name products using domestic and imported seal.

2.10 Pneumatic Control System

The main pneumatic components are imported products.

2.11 Electrical Control System 380V±10%, 50Hz, 3Phases

Products specification, quality and system parameter can be set on the PLC, it has warning function, can watch over production line’s working order.

PLC system language is English.

The control system has two operation model, manual model and automatic model. Manual model can control the movement of certain group (e.g. to control punching and pr-cut). Automatic model is to make the whole line running fully automatically. No operator required when the line is working.

The length and size of the products could be adjusted in the touch screen.


Main Electrical Components Brand List:

No. Item Brand Made in
1 PLC image015 Japanese
2 Frequency image017 China TAIWAN
3 Low voltage components image019 French
4 Servo control image015 French
5 Touch screen image021 China TAIWAN


The Safety Precautions, Transportation and rust prevention treatment

Moving elements should be covered with shield, and painted with warning color.

Has guardrail at loop pit equipment.

Before loading container, every part’s should be coated with antirust oil (expect the surface cover with paint).

Spare parts list (this is a roughly list, final detail have to be listed before shipment)

No. Part of Spare Accessories Mark
1 Hydraulic Hydraulic Seal All kinds of size
2 Electrical Button Some kinds that frequently-used
Fuse Some kinds that frequently-used
Photoelectric switch All kinds of model, one piece for one kind
3 Pneumatic Valve (electrical and manual) All kinds of model, one piece for one kind
Piezometer 1 piece
Pressure regulating valve 1 piece
4 Mechanical Bearing Some kinds that frequently-used
Fastener Some kinds that frequently-used
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