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Shelf Beam Roll Forming Line

Shelf Beam Roll Forming Line

​This Shelf Beam Roll Forming Line is simple to operate.



Product Introduction

This shelf beam roll forming line is simple to operate. The rolling head makes the surface of the blank smooth by rolling with the blank body, so there is no need to add water in the production process. It has the advantages of high density, large mechanical strength, small deformation, low labor intensity, easy to mechanized, automatic production. Our Shelf Beam Roll Forming Line reduces the measure of springback the shape and size error of the bending part due to springback. It can be used for a long time with very low maintenance cost. If you are looking for such product, we believe that our machine will not let you down!

Equipment composition

1. The  shelf beam roll forming line is mainly composed of automatic feeder, guide frame, leveling or feeding part, continuous punching part, forming part, cut-to-length part, receiving table, electrical control cabinet and other components.

2. Shelf forming equipment is another series of products designed by our company based on market demand and integrating years of experience in producing cold rolling equipment.

3. Products include: shelf columns, shelf beams, shelf braces, shelf shelves and other products.

4. The shelf forming equipment is controlled by PLC.

The equipment produced by our company has the following advantages:

1. The equipment is controlled by PLC, and multiple safety protections are set during normal production.

2. The bed is made of welded steel plate. And tempered to eliminate internal stress and avoid deformation of the fuselage.

3. The forming frame is made of cast iron and tempered. It has the characteristics of high strength and long service life.



1. The Main Technical Parameters:

1.1 Applicable Material

Cold-formed pieces of raw material cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel
Strip thickness 1.2~1.5mm
Width accuracy -0.2mm
Coil ID Ф508 ± 10 mm
Coil OD ≤ Ф1200mm
Coil weight ≤ 5000 kg

1.2 Technical Parameters

Length Length 12000 mm
Unit running speed ~ 8m/min
Power supply  380V ± 10%; 50Hz; 3Phases

1.3 Production line process

Uncoiling leveling → Feeding → Material loop → Feeding → punching → straightener & roll forming → cutter → Final sheet output rack

Shelf Beam Roll Forming Line

Shelf Beam Roll Forming Line

2. Device Configuration and Structure Description

image006.jpg2. 1 Decoiler With Coil Car

Parameters: Load weight ≤ 5000kg. Mandrel inside diameter Φ508mm benchmark.The maximum allowable Coil OD: Ф1,200 mm. Motor power: ~2.2KW.

image007.jpg2.2 Leveller

Parameters:Feed width: 450mm. Maximum line speed: 15 m/min. Motor power: ~ 11.5KW

image009.jpg2.3 The Servo Feed Device

Parameters: Motor power: ~ 4 kw. Each feeding within tolerance 0.1mm/150mm





Roller shaft Diameters φ90mm
Electric Machine ~ 55KW
Line speed ~ 15m/min

Main roll former transmission part reference picture show:



2.7 Cutter (Saw Cut Mode)


Length Range 12000 mm
Length accuracy ± 1.5 mm / 6000 mm

Supplied with 3 set of shearing dies.



Main Electrical Components Brand List:

No. Item Brand Made in
1 PLC image015 Japanese
2 Frequency image017 China TAIWAN
3 Low voltage components image019 French
4 Servo control image015 French
5 Touch screen image021 China TAIWAN



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