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Market analysis of composite panels for construction


The composite panels currently used in the construction market are basically rock wool composite panels and polyurethane composite panels. (Foam composite panels are combustion-supporting, and the country has not allowed them to be used.)

The advantages of rock wool panels are that they are Class A non-combustible, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation, but because they are made of rock, it is instinctive to absorb water and moisture. Afterwards, it is easy to sink and collapse, and the wall panels are easy to fall and cause partial cavities, and lose the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, and are being marginalized by the market.

Polyurethane composite panels have the advantages of good waterproofness, high airtightness and high strength, but they are Class B flame retardant and are not suitable for construction projects with high fire protection requirements. More importantly, the PU line equipment is expensive and the production cost is high.