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Cold storage panels introduction and using


Cold storage panels are generally pre-produced by the manufacturer, with fixed length, width and thickness. High and medium temperature cold storage generally use 10 cm thick plates, and low temperature storage and freezing storage generally use 12 cm or 15 cm thick plates; so if It is not a predetermined warehouse board. Pay attention to the density of the warehouse board and the thickness of the steel plate when purchasing. The thickness of the steel plate of the regular manufacturer is generally above 0.4MM. The foaming density of the cold storage board is 38KG~40KG/cube per cubic meter according to the national standard. Meter.


The three important factors of the cold storage board are the density of the cold storage board, the thickness of the two side steel plates, and the load-bearing capacity. The density of the cold storage insulation board is high, so the foaming of the board is to increase the amount of polyurethane, and at the same time increase the thermal conductivity of the polyurethane board, which reduces the insulation performance of the cold storage board and increases the cost of the board. If the foaming density is too low, it will cause the load-bearing capacity of the cold storage board is reduced, and the foaming density of the polyurethane cold storage insulation board is generally 35-43KG as the standard after the test by the relevant national departments. Some manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the color steel in order to reduce costs. The reduction of the thickness of the color steel directly affects the service life of the cold storage. When choosing the cold storage plate, the thickness of the color steel must be determined.

The choice of polyurethane cold storage board is very important for cold storage, because cold storage is different from ordinary warehouses, the temperature in cold storage is generally lower, and the requirements for air temperature, humidity, and environment are relatively low. Therefore, when choosing polyurethane cold storage panels, we must pay attention to choosing polyurethane cold storage panels with better temperature control. If the selection of polyurethane cold storage panels is not good, the temperature in the cold storage is difficult to control, it will easily lead to storage in The products in the cold storage have deteriorated, or the refrigeration compressors of the cold storage have to work frequently, which wastes more resources and increases costs. Choosing the right plate can better maintain the cold storage.

Since the reform and opening up, the total output value of my country’s food industry has increased by more than 10% annually, but there is still a large distance from social demand, which provides a large space for the development of quick-frozen food and fresh food. With the introduction and implementation of the “Agricultural Product Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan”, my country’s agricultural product cold chain logistics is expected to complete a major leap during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, and the freezing and cold storage industry has also ushered in a grand development key. Following the boom in cold storage construction across the country, the large-scale construction of cold storage has further promoted the advancement of social refrigeration skills. At the same time, the widespread application of new refrigeration skills has further promoted the development of the refrigeration industry. According to the reporter of Refrigeration Express, the demand for refrigeration equipment in my country’s industrial production is increasing. The development of professions such as electronics, medicine, medical treatment, bioengineering, and aerospace is closely related to refrigeration skills and equipment. For example, the construction industry in my country has a great demand for refrigeration equipment. In the construction of hydropower stations, concrete mixing, pre-cooling of sand and gravel, cold water of mixed concrete, and cooling of dams after irrigation all require a lot of refrigeration equipment. It is also the main direction of my country’s power development, and more refrigeration equipment must be needed. At this stage, my country’s refrigeration and refrigeration industry must grasp the opportunity to build modern logistics channels. Through continuous development and improvement, the traditional basic logistics will be transformed into cold storage supply chain logistics. High value, more choices and greater flexibility in service.