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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

This Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine adopts continuous production technology.


Product Introduction

This Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine adopts continuous production technology. The device integrates advanced digital control technology and hydraulic integration. It is made of high quality stainless steel, which has good strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. In addition, our Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine features advanced design concept, reasonable molding process, strong versatility, high strength, high performance and stable cold bending forming. It is also durable, can give a long service life with stable working performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us!




Coil Width 900mm, 1200mm
Suitable Coil Thickness 1.2mm~1.6mm
Suitable Raw Materials zincalume plate (450Mpa)


Manual decoiler 3 sets (5 tons)
Adjustable feeding guide device 1 set
Roll Forming machine 1 set
Curving device 1 set
Hydraulic Cutting 1 set
Hydraulic station 1 set
Control System 1 set


(1) Manual Decoiler

Manual power expands the steel coil inner surface, single head; No power opens the steel coil; the coil is just driven by main roll former. Suitable steel coil inner diameter is Ф510mm and suitable steel coil outer diameter is ≤Ф1000mm, Max. Load Capacity is 5000kg. Total quantity is 3 sets.

(2) Adjustable Feeding Guide Device

Main function of our Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine is to guide the raw material, and make steel coil get into main roll former on straight direction. The guide width can be adjusted by handwheel. Max feeding width: 1200mm

(3) Roll-Forming M/C

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine uses 4 forming stands to form the profile; machine base plate is welded model, the strength and quality are good. The curving process is late of main roll forming steps. Whole line is driven by AC motor, and transmission model is gear and chain. Main roll forming shafts are used advanced steel, heat treatment and finish machining; all forming rollers are designed by German software, make all dimension to be exact. The safety net covers all main roll forming machine.

Main technique data:

Forming roller material Cr12 (equals American D3 standard)
Roll forming stand number 4
Forming shaft diameter Ф80mm
Main power about 7.5kW
Suitable voltage 380V±10%, 50-60Hz, 3 phases
Line working speed 3m/min

(4) Curving Device

This device is located in main roll forming machine, and they have same base plate. Curving device uses 2 forming processions to finish the curving actions. Main function is to make the straight final profile to be arched.

(5) Hydraulic Cutter

Cutter uses back cut model, stop to cut. There is not waste plate after cut actions. Cut die material: Cr12, quenching treatment, final hardness is HRC58~62. Hydraulic power drives the cutter. Cut tolerance ±3mm. The cutting length can be measured by coder.

(6) Hydraulic Station

It supplies the power for the hydraulic cutter. Motor power is about 2.2Kw. Main accessory are all use Chinese good quality products.

(7) Control System

Control system uses Mitsubishi PLC to control the working quantity, automatically measures each piece length, human and machine interface. Touch screen to be input and cancelled the working data. It is convenient to control the roll forming machine. Operation model: button + touch screen. PLC: MITSUBISHI. Coder: OMRON.

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